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Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 20th. How will you celebrate the dad – or dads – in your life? A new tie is probably not the best idea in our newly-expanded work from home world. Here are 20 gift ideas to enhance life by tapping into the five facets of wellness design.

Health & Fitness Facet Gifts

The health and fitness facet of wellness design includes home features that support healthy eating, better sleep, exercise, recovery, ergonomics and hygiene. Here are some gifts that enhance one or more of these areas.

1. Get dad a gift that will help him be healthier in his home office. An adjustable sit-stand desk is definitely a splurge worth considering! If that’s not in your budget, consider a desk riser that elevates his computer instead.

2.  Maybe your father (or the father of your kids) is more of a coffee than a wine guy. Coffee has potential health benefits too. Wellness design-inspired gifts for coffee lovers could be as sophisticated as a built-in coffee system or as simple as a countertop grinder or programmable coffee maker;.

3.   Does dad appreciate the wellness benefits of wine? Some varietals are even said to offer longevity benefits. Consider an appliance to help create a wine center in his kitchen or bedroom suite.

4.   Has dad been making do since his gym closed last Spring? Maybe he decided that working out at home is far more convenient than he expected and now he’s ready to upgrade his fitness equipment. Look for something light, versatile, portable and durable.

5.   Give dad the gift of sleep with new pillows more supportive of his head and neck, perhaps encased in organic materials.

6.  If your guy loves bringing his tunes into the bathroom, a Bluetooth speaker would make a great gift to enhance his shower time.

7.  Consider a bidet seat for the man in your life, especially if he spends hours in compression gear or has balance or mobility issues. (You will need to bring in a contractor to install it, but the added value to his home, health and life will be worth it!)

Safety & Security Facet Gifts

This second facet of wellness design encompasses features that protect life, health, privacy and property. Get him a gift this year that enhances peace of mind.

8.  Protect dad’s important papers, medications or valuables with a biometric-secured safe or lockbox. There are compact models that can go into his bathroom, home office or closet. Some models will send tamper alerts to his phone or tablet.

9.  Make sure the air he’s breathing is as pure as possible with an air purifier. Look for a model that doesn’t contain ozone and that filters allergens and microbes.  

Accessibility Facet Gifts

Accessibility may bring to mind a frail or mobility-challenged individual, but accessibility-enhancing gifts can help dads of all ages and abilities be safer and more functional at home. 

10.  If one of the dads in your life is experiencing any of the pesky limitations of aging – maybe vision or balance – get him some smart home technology with voice control. These devices can open and close window shades, answer the door, turn on and adjust lights, even operate the TV and shower.

11.   For the athletic dad into endurance sports, a handheld massaging showerhead will be a much appreciated gift for seated showering and soothing sore muscles!

12.   If you’ve taken up all of the cabinet space in your shared bathroom, give your kids’ dad a u-drawer to expand vanity space and help him get to his stuff without kneepads or a flashlight.

Functionality Facet Gifts

Functionality is about making a home more user-friendly. This can include eliminating maintenance chores, simplifying chores, saving time or money and in general making life simpler and better. Here are some gifts you can give dad to achieve these benefits at home.

13. Help reduce your guy’s frustration in finding his sports gear among the kids’ toys with a garage wall organizing system.

14. Dads who are sustainability-minded will appreciate the value of a composting appliance, especially if he’s into gardening.  

15.  Is your shower stuff covering every available niche and ledge? Give your guy’s shower items their own stylish shower shelf.

Comfort & Joy Facet Gifts

Comfort and joy is the facet that has inspired a million cigars over the decades, but a wellness design gift can long outlast – and definitely “out-health” even the finest Cohiba. Here are some home-related gifts that can delight the dads in your life this year and beyond.

16.  For those regions where it’s still chilly at night, even in the Spring and Summer, a fire table will be a welcome gift to the outdoor-loving dad.

17.  Men are starting to appreciate the wellness benefits of meditation. Help encourage this healthy habit by gifting your guy a comfort feature like a mat or cushion to help him focus — and a quiet, personal space of his own to meditate in.

18. Your patio-daddy-o might get a bit hot while he’s grilling up a lunch spread. Consider an outdoor fan and mister to keep him comfortable while he’s cooking.

19. For dads who love pizza, an outdoor pizza oven, either portable or installed, can help make healthier pies for the family or friends.

20.  After grilling up a storm, dad deserves to be able to relax with the gang. An outdoor television can help him downshift from work to play mode. Everyone needs their down time, right?